Tulle and Batiste believes in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with a select group of like minded bloggers and influencers who live and breath fashion and the bohemian life style.

We are looking for outgoing personalities with some retail and visual merchandising experience. We want driven influencers who want to make an impact representing Tulle and Batiste.

We want the fashion obsessed who stalk our new arrivals. We want outgoing babes with a love for fashion, for nature, for travelling. We are looking vibrant spirits that radiate good happy vibes. 

Ambassadors are carefully reviewed before we partner on any project as anything we do should reflect both our brands positively. We have no clear cut formula for how ambassadors are selected but we do look at photography and writing style, product fit, social community size and your interactions with your community.

To participate in this program you must be at least 18 years and live in a country to which Tulle and Batiste ships their products to.

Please note, we do not offer any compensation for your blogs, posts and mentions of Tulle and Batiste, other than the product we have provided you with.

If you would like to know more about the program, please get in touch here below: